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Leading Impact Innovation

Entrepreneurs at heart, the planet on our minds.

We shape the future through 


One of the Youngest GPs in Europe

With the GPs of the fund being the youngest in Europe, we have the advantage of being able to rethink investment processes and stay more connected to founders. This allows us to bring a fresh perspective to the table and make informed investment decisions.


Invest in Social & Environmental Impact

We invest in people that drive positive change to boost impact beyond returns. We carefully select founders and companies with sustainable business ideas we ensure economic, environmental, and social growth. 


Empower Gender Parity

Parity is profitable. Now, we prove that it is possible. Our commitment to investing in 50% female founders and raising capital from 50% female investors is unlocking immense potential in terms of impact and economic value.

We outperform by investing in impact innovation & gender parity.


Impact is at the heart of our investment philosophy. We invest in startups that solve social and environmental issues at their core. Our agnostic portfolio ranges from renewable energy, diabetes reversal, hydroponic agriculture to menstrual blood analysis.


We envision a world where male and female entrepreneurs and investors are represented in equal numbers. By empowering females on both sides of the table, we unlock immense potential in terms of impact and economic value. 

Discover our Portfolio.

We invest in founders who drive positive change, boosting impact beyond returns. By carefully selecting companies with sustainable business ideas, we ensure economic, environmental, and social growth.

Become an LP

We're raising a fund to fuel the innovation of tomorrow's leaders.

Our Impact investment approach offers a unique opportunity to generate both measurable positive environmental & social change and high financial returns.


Research has shown that 80% of impact investors have achieved returns that met or exceeded their expectations. 


Tap into robust growth sectors like health tech and renewable energy and receive competitive returns while addressing the world's most pressing challenges. 


Portfolio Startups targeted in Fund 1 


AUM for Fund 1


Female Founders in Fund 1 Pipeline


Female LP's in Fund 1

Leanox Investment Thesis.

Funding Stage

We invest in pre-seed, seed & series A. Our sweet spot is pre-seed where there is proof of concept and some traction.

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Gender Parity

We invest in diverse teams with the goal of having at least 50% female founders in our portfolio startups.

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Our investments are headquartered in Europe geographically, including the UK.

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We only invest in inherently impactful companies that solve a social and environmental problems at their core.

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Ticket Size

Tickets range from €100k to €1m. 

Pre-seed ≈ €250k, Seed ≈ €500K and Series A ≈ €1m

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We are industry agnostic, with a focus on ClimateTech and HealthTech.

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"Our mission is to empower impact makers to create positive change on this planet."

Paulina Jänsch & Thore Vogel

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