About us. 



Co-Founder & CEO

After finishing her Abitur in Germany and her Bachelor from the University in Maastricht, Paulina obtained her first MSc. from the Rotterdam School of Management in Marketing Management. Subsequently, she graduated from her second MSc. in Finance at EADA Business School in Barcelona.


"What fascinates me about venture capital is that you get to know so many truly passionate, driven people that all have stories to tell and ideas that need to be heard. To understand startups, we have to grasp the people behind it and the market it operates in, before we start to structure financing deals. So both of my strengths are combined in the goal to understand and connect people and help them flourish."


Co-Founder & CEO

Driven to expand his intercultural knowledge, Thore moved from Germany to China at the age of 18 to work in steel trading. He then studied Business Administration in Paris, while founding his first company, which produced sustainable apparel. Afterwards, he worked in Russia for two years in business development. Lately, he obtained his MSc. in Finance at EADA in Barcelona.


"If you are passionate about photography you know that beyond the technical skills it takes soft skills to capture a great shot of a person. It is vital to quickly build a connection with the individual. As venture capitalists we invest in people, ideas, and passion. No financial model can precisely evaluate a pre-product company. It is the connection we build with the people that gives us an accurate valuation of their capabilities. Tapping into people’s lives and bringing out the best shot in them is what I build my professional career on."



Portfolio Director

Raushans deal-flow expertise ranges from valuation, financial structuring, and LBO restructuring to working with stakeholders including FTSE and PE shareholders, investment and corporate banks on deals ranging from P2P to privatisation. 

Her industry expertise ranges from transactions across the commodities, education, logistics, and fintech sectors. Her technical skills include asset pricing, portfolio optimisation, valuation, equity and debt pricing, credit risk restructuring as well as risk management.

Beyond her work at Leanox, Raushan is the Director of the FinTech & Business Analytics master program at EADA Business School. 


Business Development Intern

Moritz is the science and technology expert within Leanox. Since his childhood Moritz has been involved in his family's Agribusiness and has acquired relevant industry knowledge. This inspired him to enrol in a BSc. in Agri-Food business followed by a MSc. in International Horticultural Science where he studied at several Universities within Europe and finally at the Auckland Business School in New Zealand. In order to bridge his science based knowledge with Business he studied for a second MSc degree in Life Science Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


“I always challenge myself in finding solutions to big problems, not only in my profession but also when I am out in nature climbing mountains. I have a strong passion about how innovations in science and technology can solve the world's biggest challenges and how I can be a part of it. I believe in the power and creativity of people in creating change and innovation. Therefore, I am motivated to support entrepreneurs in their mission to create an impact on our planet and society.”



Marketing Manager

Claudia's entrepreneurial spirit has led her career to the creation and management of brands through creative thinking. She co-founded her first fashion brand at the age of 19 in her natal country Ecuador. In 2017 she moved to Barcelona to get her MSc. in Art and Design Research gathering a multidisciplinary background in design, fashion, and creative strategy,

The last three years, she has dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and artists starting from the roots. She focuses on creating brands from the planning to the execution of their marketing strategy. Currently she is enrolled in a PhD program in Contemporary Aesthetics exploring fashion as a social phenomenon.

I believe that research and creativity are needed for creation, whether to create a brand or to create a work of art. From my perspective fashion phenomena also plays a very important role since it influences and impacts all industries. Having this background allows me to provide creative solutions, through understanding and doing processes in a different way. Leanox shares my out-of-the-box thinking, which in my opinion is the foundation to discover great opportunities, make decisions, and grow in our rapidly changing world."


Investment Analyst Intern

Nick went to high school in the US and Germany, where he completed his Abitur and then moved to the Netherlands to study BSc International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. He has interned at two venture capital firms in London and was previously involved with YES! Delft and ECE, two of the largest incubators in the Netherlands. Nick has recently started a second BSc in Quantitative Software Engineering and joined Leanox in September 2022. 


“As a kid, I was always about building things and coming up with new approaches to everyday activities - there are still pictures of me trying to cook pasta in the backyard using aluminum foil to concentrate sunlight. This spirit has never left me and eventually led me toward embarking on an entrepreneurial path from trying to found my own company to joining VCs and incubators. What I love about VC and especially Leanox is that I get to interact with so many inspiring founders that are truly trying to make a positive impact on the world.”



Content Marketing Intern

Ruth is an enthusiastic, creative and business-minded 24-year old with a passion for sustainability. 

If she had to describe herself in one word, it would be ‘intrapreneur’ – an entrepreneur within the company. She likes to take on any kind of challenge, suggest new ideas and develop her (soft) skills. Ruth believes that every problem is solvable if you have a growth mindset, surround yourself with the right team and are willing to learn. Her curiosity drives her to continuously meet new people and explore new things and places. This led to her starting an internship at Leanox. 


Personally, Ruth is a real family person. In her spare time, she’s learning how to DJ and likes walking dogs. She likes to go on adventures. Last summer she walked the Camino, a 240km journey from Porto to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. 


One quote she was taught from a young age and became the one she lives by: If you want to change the world, start with yourself. – Mahatma Ghandi. 


Business Analyst Intern

Jasper had his first point of contact with startups and the analysis of business ideas while working towards his Abitur in the international project "Business at school“. This interest increased while continuing his studies for a B.Sc of International Management and Foreign trade in Germany’s gateway to the world, Hamburg. 


"I believe that major challenges can be best faced by a strong team that has an ambitious aim to work towards. This is not only true for my passion for field hockey where I had the chance to play in some truly incredible teams but especially for startups that try to change the world. Therefore I am sure that the team behind a great business idea is as important as the idea itself. Consequently, for me, the great thing in venture capital is to help other great teams to accomplish their very best“.