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"Entrepreneurs at heart, the planet on our minds."

We are dynamic professionals, investing in enthusiastic impact makers. At Leanox we are an entrepreneurial and diverse team. We stay ahead of trends and find impactful, cutting-edge opportunities.

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Founding Partner

After obtaining her high school diploma in Germany and her bachelor's degree from Maastricht University, Paulina completed her first MSc in Marketing Management at the Rotterdam School of Management. She then completed her second MSc in Finance from the EADA Business School in Barcelona.

"What fascinates me about venture capital is that you get to know so many truly passionate, driven people who all have stories to tell and ideas that need to be heard. To understand startups, we have to grasp the people behind them  and the market they operate in before we start to structure financial deals. So both of my strengths are combined in the goal to understand and connect people and help them flourish."

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Founding Partner

Driven to expand his intercultural knowledge, Thore moved from Germany to China at the age of 18 to work in steel trading. He then studied Business Administration in Paris, while founding his first company, which produced sustainable apparel. Afterward, he worked in Russia for two years in business development. Lately, he obtained his MSc in Finance at EADA in Barcelona.


"If you are passionate about photography you know that beyond the technical skills it takes soft skills to capture a great shot of a person. It is vital to quickly build a connection with the individual. As venture capitalists, we invest in people, ideas, and passion. No financial model can precisely evaluate a pre-product company. It is the connection we build with the people that give us an accurate valuation of their capabilities. Tapping into people’s lives and bringing out the best shot in them is what I build my professional career on."

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Investment Analyst 

Bruna has worked in diverse sectors across five countries. Her background includes roles in consulting, marketing, and venture development. Her expertise stems from impactful work in business development and strategy at a GreenTech startup dedicated to tackling the scalability of the carbon market. 

At Leanox, Bruna is part of the investments and portfolio management team. She leads the due diligence of startups and guides them through our investment and onboarding process. 


"In the dynamic world of venture capital, being part of a sustainability and impact-focused VC is a profound journey where every investment becomes a catalyst for positive change. It's the fusion of financial acumen and a deep commitment to creating a lasting impact on the planet that truly captivates me."

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Venture Scout

Finishing his MSc in Management and Technology at ETH Zurich, he currently studies at the University of Oxford on impact investing in private equity and venture capital. A German citizen with vast experience in European, Asian and African markets, he seeks to become an investor who pursues competitive returns while strengthening sustainability as the new norm. At Leanox, Jonas identifies new startups and limited partners while supporting the investments and portfolio management team in due diligence, modeling and valuation. 


“Many of today’s sustainability trailblazers are still at an early stage, which makes venture capital a natural catalyzer in combatting climate change and inequalities. In this complex and high-risk-high-return landscape, financial and commercial excellence need to be complemented by empathy and entrepreneurial acumen to identify value other buy-side players don’t. Ticking all these boxes, Leanox allows me to identify impact value by leveraging my analytical and social skillset alongside committed stakeholders across Europe”.

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