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Leanox Impact Principles

Leanox was born to solve a social or environmental challenge. To us impact investing ranges from renewable energies to vaginal health pearls. We invest in inherently impactful startups. Our portfolio companies exist to solve environmental and social challenges. Our startups improve quality of life, reduce, reuse, and recycle resources, empower equality and break stigmas. 

Impact Process

To evaluate impact, we use a three-stage process that screens, measures, and advises the impact of our portfolio companies. To measure impact, we created the Leanox Impact Framework (LIF). 




In the investment process, Leanox analyses every startup's impact on the environment and the society. Leanox also analyses the startups' governance structures and processes. 




Leanox uses the LIF-framework to evaluate and report the impact of its portfolio companies. The LIF is a detailed questionnaire filled by every portfolio company on a semiannual basis.



We enhance and guide our portfolio companies' impact through regular exchanges with them and our network of experts. 


LIFThe Leanox Impact Framework 

We created the Leanox Impact Framework (LIF) using a combination of quantitative KPIs and qualitative frameworks. LIF is based on the theory of change, impact management principles, and other cutting-edge impact frameworks and standards.

Find out more

Reach out to us and learn more about our impact framework and how we help companies set and reach their sustainability goals. 

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