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Invest in Tomorrow

We steadily add sustainable businesses that drive impact to our game-changing portfolio. We invest in founders that turn impactful businesses into cash cows. Impact and return go hand in hand and we are here to prove that.

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What's next?

With our first portfolio, Leanox Impact Capital X, we entered the Venture Capital industry and redefined its standards. 

Now, we are raising our next fund, to increase our impact and to use our power to empower. With Leanox Fund I, we continue to invest in pioneers with breakthrough technologies that are motivated to shape a better tomorrow. 

Why? Because it doesn't make sense to invest in something that is not positive for this planet or society. Because impact innovation is profitable and possible. Because it's time, and because we owe it to our children and the generations to come, to shape a world worth living in.

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Leanox Impact Capital Fund I

We are currently preparing to raise new capital to redefine industry standards and leave our mark through  impact innovation and gender parity. Sign up below or reach out to receive more information.

Become an investor?

Reach out to founding partner Paulina Jaensch who leads the fundraising of our upcoming fund, in case you would like to receive some information about investing in our next impact innovation and gender parity fund.

Become part of our network.

Become part of our powerful network of investors, industry experts, VCs, and business angels.*

*By contacting us to receive information about investments or to syndicate with Leanox, you are actively approaching Leanox and this by no means legally represents a solicitation of investment opportunities.

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