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Hoaly is the first oat brand with local, carbon-positive and clean production. They build decentralised supply chains and use food science to optimize the production of their oat drinks. Supply chain transparency is one of the most important aspects of Hoaly’s business and helps the brand to partner with local farmers and attract new customers.


Key Data





Founded 2021

Partnered 2022

Dennis Gaden

More than 500 POS including REWE and Edeka

Why we love Hoaly

One major driver of climate change and worldwide inequality is the massive overconsumption of consumer goods and food, especially in industrialised countries. It is no secret that the consumption of dairy products is contributing massively to climate change. Dairy alternatives like oat drinks are part of the solution to change that. We love Hoaly because they go a step further and only use ecologically produced oats for their drinks. Hoaly’s transparency about its supply chain and the production of the drinks is also revolutionary in the industry and creates trust for all stakeholders. Last but not least, Hoaly’s oat drinks are simply super tasty!

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SDG Alignment


Zero hunger:
End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.


Responsible consumption and production: 
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

The Founder

Dennis Gaden founded Hoaly at the beginning of 2021 and is CEO of the German oat drink producer ever since. He worked in the food and beverages industry for eight years prior to founding Hoaly and has extensive experience in strategy and brand building. He founded Hoaly because he thought that what milk farmers were doing was wrong. Only two years after founding the company, he led the team to a point where Hoaly oat drinks are already available in uncountable Cafés and in the biggest supermarket chains in Germany. 

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