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Heüra Foods is a revolutionary force in the realm of plant-based culinary experiences. Founded by the dynamic duo, Marc and Bernat, Heüra is more than just a brand; it's a commitment to reshaping sustainable, healthy living through 100% plant-based innovation.


Key Data





Founded 2017

Partnered 2023

Marc Coloma

Bernat Ananos 

Market leaders in Spain (25%+ market share),

80% category growth,

closed €40m series B round

Why we love heüra

Derived from a fast-spreading plant symbolizing life and nature, Heüra encapsulates the essence of Marc and Bernat's vision since its inception in 2017. What started as a local initiative in Barcelona has now grown into a global phenomenon, with Heüra products making waves in over 10 countries.

Heüra Foods goes beyond providing plant-based alternatives; it signifies a dedication to embracing Mediterranean flavors, delivering delightful textures, and influencing positive changes in our food choices. Marc and Bernat's unwavering commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with Leanox's values, making Heüra a cherished addition to our portfolio.

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SDG Alignment


Responsible consumption and production: 
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns


Climate action:
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

The Founders

Marc Coloma, the CEO and driving force behind Heüra Foods, embarked on a journey to transform the food system and champion plant-based protein. With a rich background in organizational development and a passion for catalyzing change, Marc leads a team of "good rebels" dedicated to making his visionary impact a reality.

As the Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of Heüra, Bernat brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and communication. He joined Marc at the "Idees amb Futur" program at Barcelona Activa, where he immersed himself in boosting innovative entrepreneurial projects. Bernat's commitment to sustainable and healthy living is a driving force behind Heüra's mission.

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