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Habitual wants to make better health simple and achievable for everyone, starting with the challenge of helping patients achieve better metabolic health. Obesity and type 2 diabetes affect hundreds of millions of people across the world, in many cases leading to heart attacks, amputations,  strokes, and heart failure. Inspired by years of scientific research, Habitual combines nutritional treatment with digital therapeutics, helping patients achieve and maintain significant weight loss and remission of type 2 diabetes.


Key Data




United Kingdom

Founded 2019

Partnered 2022

Napala Pratini

Dr. Ian Braithwaite

Completed clinical research and testing that the product and idea work

Why we love Habitual

All of us could no doubt benefit from better physical and mental health, and Habitual helps patients on both dimensions. By addressing a problem that impacts the majority of adults in virtually every western economy, Habitual is not only making an impact on patients as we speak—but also has the potential to change how we treat metabolic health and massively improve health outcomes.


Habitual’s flagship product helps patients achieve 15kg weight loss and, in many cases, remission of type 2 diabetes. They do this by combining low-calorie meal programmes with an intuitive app that offers holistic health tracking, daily behavioural content, and ongoing group support. Patients who have gone through Habitual report not only achieving their goals but also having the tools they need to maintain these outcomes in the long term.

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Good health and well-being:

Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all, at all ages


Quality Education:
Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities

The Founders

Habitual was founded by Dr Ian Braithwaite and Napala Pratini, who met while working alongside the researchers who delivered the world’s best-known diabetes remission trial.

Napala Pratini is co-founder & COO of Habitual. She has spent 10 years in strategy and growth for early-stage startups including NerdWallet, Plaid, and SmithRx. She holds a Bachelor in Biochemistry (B.S.), an MBA from the University of Oxford, and completed Fulbright scholarship to Spain. Napala looks after operations and growth for Habitual.

Dr Ian Braithwaite, co-founder & CEO has worked for the NHS and multiple medtech startups, as well as presented at the European Congress on Obesity on the potential for total diet replacement & behaviour change programmes to induce remission of type 2 diabetes. He holds a degree in medicine from The University of Edinburgh and an MBA from INSEAD. Ian oversees technology and research for Habitual.

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