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for founders

Hey startup founders, business owners, and potential investors!

We have created a series of informational resources that will help you get ahead on your next project, or take your company to the next level 

Go check out our informative articles to get an edge over your competition!

How can founders stand out in these difficult times? 

Macro facts, implications, and hands-on tips on how to fundraise during economic uncertainty.
Find out the implications for startups and VCs in the current economic uncertainty.

What's happening in the startup and VC ecosystem in the current economic downturn.png

Funding stages

BRIEF answers to the big FUNDING questions! 

Here's a quick infographic on the funding stages of a startup.
Each startup is unique, and its development will need for specific requirements, here we showcase a general overview of the startup funding stages, the common elements of growth, and who invests in each one. 

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Fundraising sheet-2.png

Fundraising guide for founders

Your goal is to raise funds?? We've got you covered! 
Raising funding is one of the most exciting yet challenging times for a founder. We feel you.
To keep you sane we prepared a step-by-step guide for successfully fundraising. In our opinion, the last tip is key!

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Fundraising guide.png

Fundraising lingo

Are you fundraising? If so, make sure you know the lingo!
We've created a cheat sheet so you can be on top of fundraising terms a founder should know when going through the process.
Click below to read more!

Cheat-sheet for fundraising .png

Must-read leadership books for founders

We're revealing our CEO and Founder, Thore Vogel ’s top 5 books about leadership for founders and change-makers.

Click below to find out!

Must read books for venture capitalists.png

Resources for female founders

There is a huge gender imbalance in the European startup ecosystem. 
Less than 15% of startups are co-/founded by women and only 6% by women-only teams. This translates into low amounts of capital invested into women-led companies, creating a vicious circle. Only 5% of venture capital goes to teams with men and women, and only 2% to all-women teams. 

Click below to learn more!

Resources for female entrepreneurs EU-2.png
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